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We are currently offering free online classes one Facebook on Mondays, these also will be advertised by mailing list only so please subscribe. DDPY was designed to be done at home so this is pretty normal for us 🙂 We have now moved our classes fully on line using Patreon, you can sign up for one or two classes a week. Please check out the available tiers here: 

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Back on Track Ethos

Back on Track Living exists to help you get your life back on track.

Are you looking to increase strength and flexibility?

Do you simply want a fun but challenging new type of workout?

Has injury stopped you from being able to exercise?

Did you think you were out of options?

Had you given up on ever feeling good again?

In too much pain?

Too overweight?

Is the thought of exercising just too much?

Could never step foot in a gym?

Or have you been exercising for years but are finding your flexibility to be an issue?

Back on Track are here to provide a class that is accessible to just about anyone. friendly, fun and focused on being here to help you.

Using DDP Yoga workouts we will help you find your way back to feeling great once more.

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What is DDPY?

DDP Yoga is a revolutionary cardio workout system that guarantees:

A kick ass workout

An increase in your core strength

Minimal Joint Impact

Increase in flexibility

The system works by combining the very best of traditional Yoga, old-school calisthenics, sports rehabilitation therapy, and dynamic resistance to create one of the most effective fitness plans in existence today, that anybody can do!

No Jumping or running!

No weights, no accessories!

This is the safest form of cardio exercise you can do!

But it isn’t Yoga either!

This workout is challenging but totally adaptable to any fitness level, but most of all IT’S FUN!

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Diamond Dallas Page and the DDPY Story

The DDPY system was created by former 3 time WCW World Champion Wrestler Diamond Dallas Page when he blew out his back in the ring and Doctors told him he could never Wrestle again!

He created the system out of necessity to repair his own body. Using rehabilitation techniques and combining them with Yoga positions, he got back into the ring within 6 months and went on to become World Champion!

He realised that what he had created could help others with similar injuries.

He mixed in dynamic resistance and created the DDP YOGA exercise system primarily to help injured people get strong. But there was another side effect to all this, people doing the system started to lose weight, lots of weight!

Now there are literally thousands of stories from all around the world about how this system has changed peoples lives.

Arthur’s Story


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