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Boz is a Level 2 Certified DDPY Instructor here at Back on Track. He is in fact the UK’s first Level 2.

He is also a Honours certified Gravity Yoga instructor.

He has been doing DDPY for over five years and lost 4 stone (56lbs/25kgs) with the program.

Although he may not look like what you’d expect a fitness instructor to, he has gone from being completely unfit and in almost constant pain to being able to recently do an 8hr DDPY workout marathon to raise money for a friend with a broken back!

He is committed to helping people find the same new lease of life that DDP Yoga has given him!

As a Level 2 instructor Boz continues to mentor level 1 instructors inn training.


Boz’s Story

As a kid I was always the ‘fat kid’ well at least that’s what I grew up to believe. All the other kids always called me fat or chubby so that became my identity. 

I believed them.I now look at pictures from when I was younger and I was not fat at all! Sadly, my brain was reprogrammed for me from an early age. 

In my late teens I had my first job which put me behind a desk which just happened to have a big drawer which was great for filling with food.

The job was boring, so I ate. I put on the weight around my stomach so fast that I have stretch marks in each side that look like I’ve been slashed by a tiger. 

From then on I’ve never been able to lose that gut and my marks are still there, the reason I keep my shirt on in public, forever ashamed of them and how I got them.

I moved into a more active job which involved climbing ladders and physical activity. This kept me from getting too much bigger for a while but 24 years doing the same job and driving a lot has taken its toll too.

5 years ago I was forced to relocate with my job to take a more office based role due to severe repetitive strain in my hands, forearms and shoulders. 

My shoulders were actually deformed due to working with my arms above my head most days. Add to this a hereditary issue of arthritic big toe joints and my life had become a life of – “something hurt all the time”. 

Being more office based and hitting 40, the weight began to creep up once more bringing me to over 20 stone (280lbs).

I have been a Fencer since my teens, done racket sports and several martial arts over the years but I reached a point around 2014 where it was too painful to do any form of exercise regularly. I can’t even run on a treadmill.

But then I found DDPY!!

As with many it took me a while to find my consistency with it, but once I did, Wow! Meeting Dallas in August 2017 was the final push I needed to find that discipline that has eluded me all my life until now.

I lost weight, gained a tonne of muscle. I’m fitter than I’ve been in years and the best part; my pain levels are down about 60-70% on a daily basis. This will improve too as I move towards more disciplined food habits and continue on my journey with DDPY. The gut is still there but it’s way smaller.

My chat with Dallas cemented my decision to become a certified instructor because this stuff really works!! I wanted to help people in similar situations who think that they are out of options. Be it due to poor mobility, pain or being overweight. 

Back on Track Living is about getting you back to where you want to be, whether that’s getting bit fitter and more flexible and improving your core strength, or putting that body back together and helping you to own your life! 

It worked for me 🙂


Lavinia is the first ever Spanish DDPY instructor. She is now also a Certified Level 2 instructor. This makes Boz and Lavinia currently the only L2 qualified married couple in the world!

She has been doing the program for over three years and has lost 3.5 stone (50lbs/22kgs) and 4 dress sizes with the program.

She is looking for other opportunities to expand the reach of the Back on Track brand.

 As a Level 2 instructor Lavinia also continues to mentor level 1 instructors in training.


Lavinia’s Story

I have always been the chubby one in the family, short and chubby, while some of my siblings are tall and slim this was never me. In Spain most people are slim, I guess it must be the diet because in a way it kept me from becoming huge, I was just “fat”.
6 years ago I moved to the UK and that’s when without even noticing I put on 20kg. On the 11 th September 2017 I decided enough was enough, I looked at the scales and for the first time ever I was over 90kg, 90.5kg (199.5 lbs) to be precise. My husband Boz had attended DDP’s workshop in London a few weeks before and was determined he would become an instructor, he was so convinced he wanted to help people that I decided it was my time to do what I had never done before, commit; to myself. I adjusted my diet and made sure to monitor everything I had. I also started the beginner program on the app.

We first learnt of DDPY back in 2014, we even bought the DVD’s and worked out a little throughout 2015 but I wasn’t committed, I wasn’t tracking anything and to be honest I was lazy, so the DVD’s were forgotten in a drawer. This time round it was going to be different. I lost the first 10kg in the first 3 months, mainly due to diet, but I could see the results.

In April 2017 we attended DDP’s workshop in Frome, the joy of being able to do the workshop with few modifications and meeting Dallas and Brenda that day was just incredible. I then decided I had to up my game and set myself a new goal, to get the 100k t-shirt by September 2018, which I achieved.

Meanwhile, due to Boz becoming a certified instructor I was able to meet Haydn and Laura Walden together with other UK trainees at a training session in June 2018. On the 11th August 2018 we attended Hayden’s workshop in Southend. This was the turning point for me, by then I had dropped to 74.5kg, I could feel the changes, the back pain when riding a motorcycle was gone, the sciatica gone and I felt strong. 

Being surrounded by so many people each with their own stories and seeing Haydn giving them advice, helping with modifications, just made me decide; I too wanted to become an instructor and I signed up to the certification program two days later. I have managed to certify in 7 months, reaching the end of my 18 month transformation period. I am down to 68kg (149.9 lbs), that is 2 kg under my initial goal, I guess I am now considered normal in the UK but plan to continue this journey until I am no longer considered fat by Spanish standards.

I hope that with my work at Back on Track Living I am able to help others also get stronger with DPPY