Diet Consequences – When, How and If..

August 19, 2018 0 By Boz

Many people see my before and after pictures and their first though is ‘ yeah but how much of that was DDPY and how much was diet?’. The next question is usually whether DDPY was the only form of exercise being done.

I’ll answer the second part first, yes it’s my only form of exercise due to the limitations I suffered with other forms. It is true that many people do start to supplement their workouts with things like running or circuit training once they reach a certain point, but in my case and for now, I want this to be all I am doing. As part of my journey as an instructor I want to be living what I teach so that when I advise people it is all from personal experience.

So the diet question: we hear it all over the place that exercise only forms 20% of weight-loss and diet accounts for the other 80%.  Obviously everyone is different but in my experience this proves very true. As Dallas says ‘You can’t out-train a bad diet’ and as such the DDPY system has its three diet levels included.

Firstly as someone who still, after all the work I have put in, currently is classified as ‘morbidly obese’ according to my BMI number, hates the word ‘Diet’. This is because my whole life I have tried to put myself on ‘Diets’ to get myself out of this state.

I grew up in a household where many ‘Diets’ came and went and I have observed one truth about ‘Diets’… ‘Diets’ end!

‘Diets’ are in basic form unsustainable because the mindset behind them is a temporary one. In Spanish there are two forms for saying ‘I’ they are ‘Soy’ and ‘Estoy’. In the simplest explanation of this Soy is what you use for permanent things ‘Soy Boz’ – ‘I am Boz’ for example, whereas ‘Estoy’ would be for a temporary state ‘Estoy lleno’ – ‘I am Full’.

When I now think of a ‘Diet’ someone is on, I hear it in the Spanish form ‘Estoy a dieta’ – ‘I am on a Diet’ …. temporary.

This being the case, one of my first adjustments in regard to what I was eating was that the word diet be used in its intended way. My diet is simply what I eat. If I want to effect change that is sustainable, non temporary then I have to effect changes that I can live with; that can become habit; the norm; a permanence.

Continuing from here I should put ‘Me’ into context here, My name is Boz and I am a food addict!

When I first started training in earnest with the Intermediate DDPY program on the app I decided to try and help the process along by attempting to reduce my refined sugar intake and to consciously avoid the kind of foods that were the most detrimental to me, fast food KFC McD’s Burger King. These were an issue for me as I travel a lot with my job. The other huge struggle was that of the petrol forecourt shops. They are just jammed with sweets and cakes and sugary drinks. For a food addict like myself it was…

…no no, still is, like walking through a valley of temptation.

At this stage I was not calorie counting, I was not ‘on a diet’ I simply wanted to try and create habits thats I could live with as a permanence. Heres where you get into the muddy territory of ‘treats’ does one allow themselves the odd ‘relapse’?

This has to be a personal decision. For some 5 days of behaving will mean a day or two with a few cheats is harmless enough. For others it is like an Alcoholic having just one drink, it can spiral badly out of control. The other thing is how your body copes with that treat.

I implemented this approach and the way I did it was to tell myself that going into that drive-through was simply not an option. I would say internally ‘you don’t get to go on there anymore, you did for 40 years now you can manage not to’. With the petrol stations and sweets sections in supermarkets I simply said to myself ‘there is nothing for you here’ this stopped me even looking at the shelves or the sweet racks. After a while this got easier and became a habit.

Now crisps, thats another story for another day 😉

I managed with this approach to lose the 40lbs I have and now I find myself at a point where I want to do more. We all know that that last 20% you want to lose takes about 200% of the effort required to lose that first 80%. But once you reach this point the desire is there, you’ve done some work on discipline and you are beginning to get through the mourning period for the foods you were addicted to. My advice would be not to try and get started with exercise and fix your diet all at once, for me it was too much all at once. I found that getting fitter and stronger made my food choices all seem that much easier to cope with as I progressed.

When you have burned 600 calories its way easier to look at a chocolate bar and see it as the thing that takes 30 seconds to eat and can negate the last 60mins of your hard work!

I am not writing this as someone who is anywhere near where they want to be in terms of diet, I am on a journey and I am simply sharing my experiences as it may help some. There are people who may be in a dangerous place in terms of their diet and for them a ‘Diet’ is an urgent necessity and for those people I would say that the Phase 2 and 3 DDPY diet plans are a great resource for this. There are recipes on the app and a food guide. For them hitting it hard and strict is essential but then, once the weight is off, it is important that the steps taken form part of a sustainable diet (way of eating) going forward.

I believe in change of lifestyle not fad diets, I have changed dramatically what I eat now by taking manageable steps along the way. There is much work to do,

but this way of thinking about it has worked for me and I will continue on.

Please comment below and share your thoughts on this.

Remember, its about progress not perfection.