Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Find here some responses to the most commonly asked questions about DDP Yoga and Back on Track classes.

What do I need to bring to class?

If you have one, bring a yoga mat, if not, we have some spares. Bring water and a towel and wear comfortable workout clothing. It is not recommended to wear shoes or socks but this is ultimately up to you.

How much is it?

First class is free so you can see if it’s for you.

Thereafter its £7 a lesson and £5 for people 65+ and discretionary concessions.

1 hour 1-on-1 sessions by appointment are £35 (£25 for concessions)

What level of fitness should I be to attend?

Herein lays the beauty of this system. DDP Yoga works for any fitness level as the main principal of the workouts is to Make it Your Own!

We teach you how to modify positions to ensure that you not only get a great workout, but you end up loving it too.

I have mobility issues, can I still try this workout?

To answer this question we would need more information. Please fill in the enquiry form in the Contact Us section of this site and we will chat with you directly.


Do I need a Heart Rate Monitor?

We use these in class and the answer would be, do you NEED one? no, is it extremely beneficial and advisable to have one, yes 🙂

DDP Yoga uses dynamic resistance to ensure that it is a cardio workout. We aim to keep our heart rates in a safe fat burning zone. Without a monitor you don’t know were you are at. Also if you are pushing a bit too hard, the monitor tells you before you hit the wall and need to hit safety zone.

It is more important for those seeking to lose weight, but personally, I would advise everyone to get one eventually to get the most out of these classes.

What should my Heart Rate be?

Its a fairly simple formula to work this out.

Take 180 and subtract your age, that is your upper limit. Then count down by 20bmp and that is your lower limit or what we call ‘In Zone’.

Example, if you are 40 your fat burn zone starts at 120 and your limit point is 140.

Now we do advise that if you are prone to illness that you lower that top zone by 5 bmp and if you are recovering from something to lower by 10 initially. Likewise if you already have a high level of fitness and you are doing this for flexibility for example, you can up your limit by up to 10.. at your own risk 🙂

I do Yoga, will this be a good extra class?

Firstly I have to say, this isn’t Yoga. Whilst DDPY is based initially on Yoga positions, it is a very different animal. We think you’ll love it, in tone and practice, its nothing like Yoga. But come and give it a try as this system can benefit you in any and all areas of physical activity! You will certainly burn more calories 😉

How do Bookings Work?

We do not currently operate a bookings system and the venue is large, we have plenty of space so just come along!