Monday and Wednesday Classes

This Class is either a Level 1 workout or a Diamond Dozen based workout depending on attendance.

First class is free so you can see if it's for you.

Thereafter its £7 a lesson and £5 for people 65+ and discretionary concessions.


Pay just £22 for the month. (4 classes a month)

A saving of £6 a month.

Terms: Must be paid in full first Monday of each month.
For shorter or longer months, the rice will be adjusted to reflect the number of classes that month.


What is the Diamond Dozen?

The Diamond Dozen is the core set of movements that DDP Yoga is based on. In these workouts you learn the set of moves in a flowing sequence that allows for learning the positions and learning how to modify them to your own fitness level, enabling you to 'Make it Your Own'.

Level 1 Workout

The Level 1 workout is around an hour long and is more advanced complete workout that is challenging at every level. With this workout we encourage everyone to check their ego at the door and make the workout their own to ensure maximum enjoyment.

**If Boz is teaching the session then some Level 2 positions may be included as he is currently working on his L2 certification**

This Move took 10 months to nail

1-on-1 Training

1 on 1 Training is also available:

To book simply fill in the Contact form to get in touch, or book directly using the button below.

Prices start at £35 for a one hour session. Price may vary dependant upon location. Home visits are available upon request and priced on location.

1-on-1 sessions are tailored to you and your current level with the system. You get personal advice on positioning and form, along with advice on modifications with more challenging positions.

Book a session using the green button below.

(It will require the basic £35 to secure the booking, any further costs to be settled at the time of the appointment)



<<This picture shows what is possible for someone who had such severe shoulder pain that he couldn't stand on a Tube train holding overhead for support. Deformed shoulder joints and poor posture made reaching behind to scratch the back agonising.

After 10 months of DDPY this became possible without pain!


Diamond Dallas Page

Dallas' Story:

The man who started it all. See him him here in a series of interview videos explaining how this all got started.







DDP and US (muppet shot)