Here are a few bits of feedback we have had from awesome people that have attended previous classes:

**If you have been attending a while and would like to have your say here please use the contact us page and send in your comments**

John –

‘”Granted it took a global pandemic for me to try this, but I’m glad i did. With Boz & Lavinia’s classes, help and along with the ‘DDPY Now’ app I have noticed a marked difference in my back and knees. I am way more flexible and my crappy balance is (slowly) improving.While the app workouts can sometimes feel repetitive after a few times – the classes keep you on your toes and push you to try new things – though Im still not 100% sure how to finish a baby shark challenge.”

Judith –

“I’m going into my 16th month with DDPYOGA and Back on Track Living. The ethos of DDPY and the workouts helped me though some tough times last year, and have been a focal point for me in lockdown life. Boz and Lavinia have encouraged and challenged me to do and be more and be accountable. They’re so positive in wanting to help others on the DDPY journey; they give their time and their expertise generously. After 15 months I’m fitter, healthier and stronger than I’ve been in years.”

Jonathan  – 

“I’ve been using the service for 6 weeks now attending drop in yoga sessions, speaking as somebody who is easily put off by the entire fitness ethic, I’ve found Boz’s approach, manner, empathy, care and professionalism extremely encouraging. He genuinely cares about you as the individual, tailoring his expertise to meet your individual needs, taking great efforts to ensure you understand what your undertaking and why. His attention to practice and safety is hugely reassuring as his dedicated belief in the overall ethos as a holistic whole, mind, body and spirit. Honestly, cannot recommend the Back on Track Living service highly enough.”

Nicola –  

“I had been doing DDPY via the app for a couple of years and lost 75lb. Lockdown hit and I was struggling to stay motivated. Then I discovered Back on Track were doing online classes. They have been so welcoming and make the workouts fun. I’ve learned more about technique and positioning from them too. I now do a combination of the app and their live classes – perfect balance!”

Steve –

“Boz and Lavinia are awesome instructors who are living examples of the positive impact of the classes they teach. They’ll lead you through a great workout, always making sure that you know how to adjust and modify their instructions – that means that whether you’re an absolute beginner, or have a bit more experience, you’ll get a class that’s right for you. You’ll also have a ton of fun, in an incredibly supportive class where there’s no ego or judgement. Give it a go!”

Sarah R –

“Boz is a great instructor who cares about each and every person he teaches, ensuring they are able to make the workout their own, do the position correctly but still enjoy the workout at the same time.  He also has a personal enjoyment of and connection with DDPY that shines through, encouraging those around him to get on track.  A motivational guy!”

Andy  –

“I have been attending DDPY classes with Boz for around 6 months and can highly recommend him as an instructor. I have found that my mobility and flexibility has really improved. I work as an Osteopath and often recommend some of the exercises to my patients to improve posture.

The DDPY method is great because anyone can do it! If it’s too hard there are alway modifications. As Boz says, you have to ‘check your ego at the door’! Don’t pay attention to how flexible the person next to you is… just do your OWN work out. MAKE IT YOUR OWN as DDP would say. Highly recommend these classes”

Sarah E –

“I hadn’t done a fitness class for decades! I needed to improve core strength to help reduce the risk of further back problems due to osteoporosis. After 6 months I’ve noticed a vast improvement in upper body strength and less back ache”

Olly  –

“What a blast! Such a fun class. If I lived closer I’d be at this class every week. Good mix of stretching and balance with a little cardio. Plenty of options for beginners, so this is definitely the class for you if you’ve been sat on the sofa for years. No judgment no expectations. Just give it a go and see how you get on. Plus there’s a good choice of music on the go too.”